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It was extremely important that ANIMAZE could find a way to showcase and honour the 360° VR work that our international content creators have spent countless hours developing. We wanted to find a partner platform that, like ANIMAZE, pushes the boundaries of creativity and technology, and Spatialized.Events created that for us.

— Laurie Gordon, Director, ANIMAZE – Montreal International Animation Film Festival

I am so proud to have been part of FIVARS 2020. FIVARS 2020 was a film festival in true, real-time virtual reality. This is a benchmark and under the precedent of the pandemic historic and important. Congrats @fivarstories”

— Jonathan Sims, Director and VFX producer

My lens into the 360 medium has been indelibly shaped by the curatorial vision of the major film festivals, which has had a very specific threshold for storytelling & form. It’s refreshing to see something distinctly different with Keram Malicki-Sanchez’s curation of FIVARS.

— Kent Bye, Voices of VR