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Based on years of experience as a live events and media producer, matched up with top developers in the WebXR field, spatialized.events can help you run your meetup, conference or festival. Whether hosting you in our custom Hubs Cloud sky city featuring various exhibit halls, conference rooms and an auditorium, or our turnkey solution for your business to launch your own interactive 3D world to host the best-looking, fastest-loading immersive 360-degree video content + Voice and Video Chat, we may have a solution for you.


Forget about mailing DVDS or worrying about piracy issues. Spatialized.Events provides LIVE virtual screenings that allow you to control when and where films are screened. Host virtual movie premieres or conduct audience-testing before your film’s release. 

Find out how to exhibit web series, feature films, documentaries, or 360° video/VR content to your audiences!


Say “No” to Zoom Fatigue and that video wall of heads! Make your meetup or conference a memorable one. Spatialized.Events provides virtual stages, exhibition booths, conference rooms, and auditoriums that will have your attendees excited and engaged in your event. 

Find out how you can make your next meetup or conference a memorable one!


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